true fruits upcycling

Our full bottles contain 100% fruit or vegetables – nothing else! But what happens when you’ve finished the last delicious drop? If you put our glass bottles in the recycling banks they can be 100% recycled (and that’s what 83% of Germans do – YEAH!) – but some people think that they are too beautiful to throw away.eißen.  

A brief digression

Despite its obvious disadvantages (heavy, breakable, expensive) we decided firmly to use glass in 2006. We think it’s easily the best packaging material. Why? Unlike PET, glass is like a vault: it doesn’t take on or give any taste. Glass is made exclusively from raw materials (for those who want to know exactly: 70% quartz sand (SiO2), 13% soda (Na2CO3), 10% chalk (CaCO3) and a small amount of dolomite, feldspar and potash) and to top it all: GLASS IS PLAIN AND SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL!. We are not only fruit fetishists, but also glass fetishists (as far as drinks packaging is concerned).

Back on topic

To give your empty smoothie bottle a second life after you’ve finished the last drop, we’ve had a lot of help to develop stainless steel bottle tops which you can screw on your empty bottles. It’s called upcycling. It has nothing to do with cycling uphill, but with creating lovely new things from old. You can buy them in our Upcycling shop.

Questions about Upcycling?

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