pure shots of all sortes of true fruits smoothies and creamies


Healthy eating? Yes! But often it’s not that simple… life is frenetic. Either you have a quick currywurst or falafel for lunch or nothing at all! Perhaps that’s familiar. We found it annoying that there were so few healthy snacks that you could eat with a clear conscience. Then, in England, we discovered smoothies…


As every child knows, fruit is healthy. So we thought: how cool would it be if you could buy delicious smoothies ready in the supermarket? Supermarket foods often have a bad reputation: produced as cheaply as possible and full of additives. We wanted a natural,  valuable product. true fruits – no tricks, so no concentrates, colourings, added sugars, stabilisers or other unnatural rubbish. And of course: only the best fruits. That’s not as easy as we’d thought. For instance, there are over 1000 different varieties of mango. We tried lots of them but not all. After many tests, the Indian mango was our favourite. Look here to see what it’s called.


Good things are often plain. Plain is often boring. So we asked ourselves, why can’t  a healthy high-quality product also be sexy? Why is ‚healthy’  a contradiction to “cool”?” We make healthy drinks cool and put our smoothies and juices in clear glass bottles with discreet ceramic printing rather than labels, to give you a clear view of what’s important- the contents.

true fruits – no tricks

Whether you’re dancing in a club, sweating in the sauna, in the office, or sitting naked at home, true fruits makes it easy for you to drink something healthy.  No need to peel fruit – we’ve done it or you. true fruits is an owner-managed juice company from Bonn, not a big corporation. We put our heart into it. Founded by three friends in 2006, we were new to the industry and started out with nothing. We were 31 companions doing our thing. Because we valued high-quality ingredients we were soon among the market leaders. We’re proud of being a bit different and we flaunt it shamelessly. We are true, live by our no tricks principle and don’t take ourselves too seriously. We are a small, but fine juice producer. No more or less.