Marco & Inga spent their gap year in Scotland instead of going to Bali, because Marco is scared of spiders. What luck! Between boozy nights, rainy trips to the Highlands and incomprehensible lectures they discovered smoothies. The menu, which until then had been toast, bacon and burgers, was immediately supplemented by smoothies.


Student project

We were writing an interdisciplinary student project at the University of Applied Sciences Bonn Rhein Sieg and working intensively through our list of questions with 10 chemists and biologists. We presented our smoothies at a small startup event on campus and people loved them.

Founding the company

On 26 June we founded true fruits GmbH. Soon after we employed our first staff member and paid the first wages. 

true fruits logo

NUK Business Plan Competition

We won 2nd place in the 2006 NUK Business Plan Competition with our team “The Smoothie Project”, which become the basis for true fruits. Inga talked us into entering the competition and thank goodness, because since then investors and the media have been interested in our juice shop.

Market launch

After finishing our business plan and our protoypes, we launched our first smoothies - yellow, orange, purple & green. Our first customers have been cafés, bars, gyms and the Petit Bistro shop from Aral (a german gas station).


Market expansion

We had competition: Chiquita, Schwartau and Innocent also launched their smoothies on the German market. 

Channel listings

After a lot of hard graft, our smoothies were taken on by food retailers. Our first sales partner was REWE Glück in Rengsdorf.


Gaining ground

true fruits was gradually listed in all the relevant grocery chains, including REWE, Edeka and Metro shops - and our market shares grew.

DLG Gold

Since 2008 the German Food Association (is this right for DLG?) has been testing the quality of smoothies. We have won a number of gold and silver medals for our product quality. Woohoo!

DACH region

Our smoothies reach Austria and Switzerland.


A difficult year for smoothies

The global crisis also affects the smoothie market. Nevertheless, 2009 is a good year for  true fruits. We are established as ‘the smoothie’ in Germany.


In response to demand, in January our orange, purple and yellow smoothies become available in 750ml bottles.

German Founders Price

We won the German Founders Prize

true fruits bekommt den Gründerpreis



We develop prototypes for the juices: strawberry/orange, apple/kiwi and apple/pear/raspberry. 

Expanding the range

true fruits is available in yellow, orange, purple, white, green & red.

Limited edition no.1

Our first limited edition "dark burlesque" is launched in June.

true fruits poker night

The legendary true fruits poker night is born.



In 2010 we launched our pineapple, apple and strawberry chips.

Credit repayment

We can now repay our investors.


Limited edition no.2

In March we enter into our first collaboration with Streness. The result is a limited edition designed by Strenesse.


Trade fair

We present our range at the eat & STYLE trade fair.


true fruits Aromathek

Limited edition no.3

Six years in 400cm³. We put our unusual company history on the bottle. The limited edition enters the shops in mid December.


A flop: we stop making the crisps because they didn’t sell well.


What happens after you’ve finished the smoothies? We launch a platform for reusing bottles.


Limited edition no.4

The limited edition no.4 by Mago enters the shops in May.

Querdenker (Lateral Thinker) Award

In 2013 we won the Querdenker Award for outstanding ideas and innovations.

Smoothie pink

The new pink smoothie with dragon fruit and guanábana conquers the chiller shelves. #unicornpuke

Limited edition no.5

Another limited edition conquers the chiller shelves: the measuring cup is launched in December.


The new: smoothie white

Not only do we introduce our new white smoothie with vanilla and apple, but we also bring cupuaçu to Germany.

Bottle adapters

We can finally answer the question ‘what should we do with the empty bottles?’. The first bottle adapters go on sale.

Edelstalt Flaschenaufsätze true fruits


We join Instagram and start posting our bottle texts, posters, cool food and whatever else we want.

Green smoothies

In September 2014 we introduce our first green smoothie. The mix of kale, matcha, ginger, apple, banana and pear knocks our all-time favourite, the purple smoothie, off the throne.


Grünkohl schmeckt auch ohne Mett


We take the juices off our range.


Limited edition no.5

In March our black edition causes a shit storm. We also get some positive press and even an anti-true fruits fan page - what an honour!

Green smoothies

After the introduction of Green Smoothie no.1 we introduce Green Smoothie no.2 with rocket, mint and chlorella.

Market leader

We’ve been the market leader in the chilled fruit sector since 2015.

Limited edition no.7

In September our limited edition no.6 Kurkumasutra appears in single and triple bottles. 


Green smoothies

Another green smoothie hits the shelves: Green Smoothie no.3 with beetroot, celery and pomegranate.


Due to great demand, from March we make Green Smoothie no.1 available in triple bottles.

Happy Birthday - true fruits is 10!

In June we celebrate our 10th birthday with a golden bottle: limited edition no.8.

true fruits chia red & yellow

In July 2016, we are expanding our product range and are launching juices with chia seeds onto the market.  We are one of the first suppliers to provide ready-to-drink chia seeds for the chiller cabinet. To accompany the launch, there is going to be a Germany-wide poster campaign.


Balls of steel

We go for courageous entrepreneurs and personalities who don’t buckle under strain and sometimes also swim against the tide.  Until now, there has never been a prize for this.  That's why we have created our own award, the "Balls of Steel" award.  The first prize-winner is the Sodastream company.

limited editon no. 9

Love at second sight - with our limited edition in camouflage look.  For the first time one of our green smoothies touches down in a limited edition - our Green Smoothie no. 1.

White Smoothies

In June we launched our two white smoothies.  What is special about them?  Their overwhelming creaminess.  They are not just made of fruit, but have a "white base" of coconut and cashew kernels, which makes them particularly creamy.  We are the first supplier in Germany to offer ready-made white smoothies in the chiller cabinet.