limited edition no. 7 - Kurkumasutra

tumericsutra 250/ 750 ml

limited edition no. 7, September 2015

The orange team of tumericsutra is the first limited duo in the history of true fruits. 

limited no. 7

The Indian style design for the new limited edition is inspired by the country where turmeric root grows. True to the motto „beautiful on the outside, obscene inside“, the front of the bottle shows a woman who looks beautiful and innocent (like the new orange smoothie), there’s more than meets the eye– thanks to turmeric and yuzu.

New flavour and new design

We’ve added turmeric and yuzu to our orange smoothie. The mix will stay, but the bottle design is only available for a short period.

What was in it?

Appearances are deceptive. The colour of our orange smoothie looks no different from before – but look closer and have another taste. Our orange smoothie (acerola, goji, mango, banana and apple) contains two new ingredients that sound rather unusual: pureed turmeric root (the small orange sister of ginger) and a squeeze of yuzu (a type of far-eastern mandarin or mandarin meets lime).

F**k plastic!

Are you disappointed that our topping is in a plastic lid? So are we. Here you find more information.