limited edition no. 8 - bithday edition

birthday edition 250 ml

limited edition no. 8, June 2016

Ten years of true fruits smoothies - we celebrate our birthday with a limited bottle in gold..

Go Smoothie it’s your birthday

We are very proudly turning 10 this year. We are celebrating by putting the yellow smoothies in a completely gold bottle in mid-June. At this emotional time we’re also casting our eye back to the beginning: 2006 was a great year.  Nelly Furtado’s Maneater was playing on the radio and we danced to it like robots (M a k e. y o u. w o r k. h a r d. M a k e. y o u. s p e n d. h a r d). It was the year of the World Cup ‘summer fairy tale’ and founders Inga, Marco and Nic dreamt of their own juice shop, so that smoothies would finally be available on the German market. Of course they faced a lot of opposition and at times they lost heart. But they never stopped fighting and dreaming. It was a long and difficult journey but now we’re a family of over 23 and the market leader for squashed fruit in Germany #goldtim

Washing-up required

If you want to keep the gold bottle, you’ll need to wash it by hand. The bottle isn’t suitable for dishwashers.

oldie but goldie

The bottle contained our oldest mix- the yellow smoothie, which has been available since 2006.

F**k plastic!

Are you disappointed that our topping is in a plastic lid? So are we. Here you find more information.