limited edition no. 13

sun creamie 250 ml

limited edition no. 13, July 2019

Summer sucks when you don't get to enjoy it. With our limited-edition no. 13 - Sun-Creamie, you might not be getting a beach, but at least you get a little holiday feeling right there in your office. Or at home. The 250 ml bottle contains our peach-passion fruit Creamie, a milk drink without the milk.

Exclusively suitable for consumption!

Our peach-passion fruit Creamie is a lactose-free, vegan & creamy milk drink with fruit, & is exclusively suitable for consumption. So best not to use it as a cream.


Thanks to apple, peach, coconut, orange, banana, passion fruit and cashew, our Sun-Creamie has a high LSF-factor (light, summery & fruity) that is perfect for summer. Our vegan sun-milk gives your palate long-lasting hydration while providing active protection against your summer blues.

What's inside?

Our limited-edition no. 13 contains our peach-passion fruit Creamie. A Creamie is a milk drink without the milk.

F**k plastic!

Are you disappointed that our topping is in a plastic lid? So are we. Here you find more information.

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250 ml

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