Did you know....

... the average true fruits employee is 1.72 m tall, weighs 69 kg, has brown hair and green, rather poor eyes?

... we hone ourselves for our daily work in the juice shop by training together twice a week  (well ok, not everyone here, but some of us ;-))?

... we cook and eat together at lunch time (ok, sometimes there’s a tray of sushi or 4 cheese pizza)?

... the favourite smoothies of our true fruiters are white and yellow?

... about a quarter of us have a laughing fit every day?

Orange skin - when smoothies get under your skin

The design of our Kurkumasatura (limited edition no. 7) is a hommage to turmeric root’s home country: India inspires the limited bottle of our orange smoothie, although there’s no holy cow, but a female goddess, who looks beautiful and innocent.

Our sales rep. Nikolaus loves the design of our limited edition so much, that he went a step further and had the Kurkumastura motif inked on his skin. The result is by far the coolest orange skin in the world.

Other tattoo enquiries to: info@true-fruits.com


Purple, yellow or green no. 3? And how can you sum up 10 years of true fruits in an image? Check it out!


10 years of true fruits in an image

See our hidden object picture here. 

Which smoothie type are you?

We’ve got eight smoothies in our range – but which one is right for you? With our ultimate smoothie test you can discover your great love. #alreadydatedenoughbottlers

Who let the dog out?


Actually we don’t just mess around here, we also work hard. The most popular employee at true fruits will lead you round the office for an insight into the secret life of the Bonn juice shop.


I drive to work with my boss. That makes me popular. In the morning I say a loud ‘hello’ to everyone in the office, because everyone should know that the most important person at true fruits has entered the building. I then hope to find my first playmate. But my colleagues don’t always have enough time to play with me. Most of the day here is spent feverishly typing, making calls, brainstorming, but there’s also a lot of laughing and shooting nerf guns. It’s never boring at true fruits. If it is, I quickly try to change it. I hate Wednesdays, because the cleaner comes and then I can’t find my stuff again and it’s all so tidy…


After I’ve done my tour of the office, I look for a place for my afternoon nap. After my first nap, I take another tour around the office with my buddy.


Lunchtimes are a time of intense activity in our office. I like to hang around in the office kitchen and the eating area, even though I’m not meant to. As soon as the first person starts to cook, everyone creeps out of the office and tries to outdo one another in making noodles, salads, mixed veg etc. It’s great when Nic cooks! It smells lovely and he always has lots of scraps. But I’m very satisfied with the cooking skills of all my colleagues, perhaps a bit more salt here and there, or a bit of meat would be good, but i’m nitpicking. I often look for my feeding bowl after lunch, because Nic often comes across my pink dog harness when he’s dancing and singing along the corridor. My bowl is always in the same place, that’s why it’s funny that our head of marketing can never find it. When I’m really tired after lunch, I like to remember a story: one warm summer’s day I met an attractive bitch. It was love at first sight. We had a heady romance in Wesseling. The bitch decided she wanted more than a one night dog, so I rang up my colleague and was picked up. While I was enjoying my wild doggy romance, my colleagues were worrying, but hey, shit happens when you party naked.


After lunch Marco runs through the office with me. I make sure that no one is having a siesta or power nap after lunch. Because only I am allowed to sleep when and as much as I like during the day. After my tour I have a rest, either in one of the offices or in summer on our lovely roof terrace. A few of them tried to teach me to fetch smoothie and beer bottles. Do they know who I am?! I’m the boss here.


In the afternoon I like sitting on Nic’s chair, which is super comfy. Then he gets really cross, because he finds my white hairs all over his clothes.


In the evening I go home with Marco or Inga, if they don’t forget me, which has happened occasionally. Some days I wish I was a colleague at Rügenwalder. I don’t really like smoothies. When I get home, Marco takes off the little video camera that I wear on my collar all day. When Marco watches the video in the evening, he’s always glad when the women in the office have worn skirts. But I don’t know why ;-)

We've come a long way...





Stories that only the sales team would write. Knocking on doors – the path to market launch wasn’t easy. But thanks to our excellent sales strategy we managed it – stories from true fruits sales team.

GTA Bonn-Beuel. Starring: Marco Knauf

In 2008 I began an acquisition tour, mainly going round motorway stations and truck stops. On the way back to Bonn I went into a service station, introduced myself to the owner and he said: “Oh, from true fruits? Then let’s have a chat, young man.” He showed me that he already stocked our smoothies. “Oh, you’re already selling true fruits? Are you happy with our smoothies?“ I asked him. He answered „Yes, I am. Do you know where I got them? Your boss, Mr Knauf filled up his car here and didn’t pay.” Marco had forgotten to pay and started talking to the manager of the service station. He then paid the petrol bill and gave him a box of smoothies as a small compensation. The manager found the fruity apology a cool move and loved the smoothies. Ever since this petrol fauxpas he’s been stocking our smoothies. As I was about to leave, he asked me: “hey, young man, is that your trick? Fill up and pay with smoothies?” I answered: “Yep, I’ve driven from Berlin without paying at 30 petrol stations.” 

The porno clam

In Berlin we visited the „spa of the year“ because we wanted to bring our smoothies to the man. We had a chat with the owner, (let’s call him Hans*), who was really laid back. He offered us massages too. After talking about our smoothies, the spa owner told us about his clam: a special tub with a lid and wacky lights etc. Quite cool. But then Hans suggested we fill the tub with our purple smoothie and film a porno. At first we thought he was just talking rubbish, but Hans had really got excited about the idea, so we had to make a U-turn and take our leave.

* Peter asked us to change his name.

Coverd in juice

We used to make fresh juices that had a shelf life of only a week. But one customer had seemingly forgotten that our juices needed to be refrigerated and put his boxes of our fresh juice not in, but beside the chiller. Suddenly he heard lots of pops: the bottle caps were flying off because the juices were too warm. Almost his entire floor was covered in our juice. Our sales rep at the time visited the customer the next day, having bought himself some overalls, and he repainted the whole supermarket floor. The shop had opened not long before our juice attack.


Always look on the bright side of life

A few years ago I was visiting a customer in the Ruhrgebiet. Arriving at the shop, I was shown to the shop manager’s office. Without saying a word, the man suddenly burst into tears. It was so heartrending, that I too nearly starting crying. When I asked him what was the matter, he said that a competitor had opened a much bigger and more modern shop nearby. It would take away all his customers and he would have to close his shop because he would go bust. I left him the smoothies from the back of my car for free. He was really happy about that. Two, three years later the shop manager suddenly called me up and ordered a large quantity of smoothies. He had opened a new shop in another town and since then has been making regular orders.