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What is upcycling?

What’s upcycling?! Upcycling is adding value to old things or even rubbish or making lovely new things from them. Bingo! If our bottles are thrown into the glass recycling they are 100% recycled, but many people think they are too beautiful to throw away. To give the bottles a life after the last sip, we’ve spent ages thinking of  upcycling ideas. Many creative upcyclers have sent pictures which we’ve made into a gallery . Fancy making a bird feeder, soap dispenser, flower bottle board or true fruits bottle lamp? (we can send you instructions for making them if you email us at  Or just take a look at our upcycling shop .

Does true fruits have a factory sales outlet?

No. Unfortunately the size of our company means we don’t have the manpower for factory sales. We couldn’t manage it, either in terms of staff or storage space. That’s why everything is done through our hauliers, who can store our smoothies refrigerated.

Is your headquarters really in Bonn and how many people work there?

Yes, we’re in Bonn. In Bonn-Beuel in the old wallpaper factory to be precise. This is the heart of the company. Product development, internal sales, logistics, purchasing, accounting and marketing happen here. We have outsourced all of production and prefer to put it in the hands of professionals. In total we are a team of 21 comrades + office helper Buddy. You can read more about us here:

Who writes the texts for true fruits? Are you taking mushrooms at the same time?

Often we find the labels on bottles boring, so we like to write all sorts of strange stuff on them to amuse ourselves and to make you chuckle. And because we’re often asked the question- no, we’re not on anything. We’re just strange!

How do you develope new products?

In short the process can be described like this: firstly we order and test different fruit purees, whatever we fancy. From them we mix our prototype smoothie, taste them and tweak them. Until the flavour and colour are right (that’s really important because they’re in glass bottles). Then we do our first test bottling with our bottler (which means that the final recipe is mixed in large volumes for the first time and bottled, as opposed to small scale bottling in our test kitchen. Then they undergo laboratory analysis. At the same time the marketing department are busy with photoshoots, texts for the bottle, print image, media work and it can take a whole year to get from development to market launch.

Why are you called true fruits?

Because we didn’t want a fantasy name like fruitylicous or banananfreande but wanted to call the product what it is – no tricks … and we just liked true fruits best. It’s a bit of a tongue twister – we notice that daily on the phone– but speech therapists told us that it’s good practice ;)

Why do you use glass?

Despite its obvious disadvantages (heavy, breakable, expensive) we decided firmly to use glass in 2006. We think it’s easily the best packaging material. Why? Unlike PET, glass is like a vault: it doesn’t take on or give any taste. It’s plain and simply beautiful. We go to great lengths to find the best fruits for our smoothies and fresh juices, so we put the same care into the processing. So it would be silly to not also choose the best packaging. Other types of packaging, such as plastic or cartons are of course cheaper and lighter, but they have lots of disadvantages. Glass maintains the taste and quality of our smoothies much longer than plastic bottles. Glass also protects the contents better, which extends the shelf life.  

Glass is made exclusively from raw materials (for those who want to know exactly: 70% quartz sand (SiO2), 13% soda (Na2CO3), 10% chalk (CaCO3) and a small amount of dolomite, feldspar and potash) and ours can be 100% recycled. The broken shards are turned into new glass, for more beer, wine or smoothie bottles, which comprise 45-50% recycled glass.

And if you think the bottle is too lovely to put in the recycling…how about upcycling?

What's the meaning of your claim 'true fruits - no tricks'?

We were irritated by colourful, loud packaging and drinks that taste like showergel. We wanted natural products without additives or any messing about. That’s how our philosophy arose: in everything we do we try to avoid tricks. It’s often difficult but it’s worth it! For our totally natural products we use 100% fruit and greens. There are no concentrates,  added sugar, colourings or other rubbish in our bottles! And we don’t use tricks anywhere else: there are no surprises in the small print; we spare you the usual marketing nonsense. true fruits products won’t make you more beautiful, richer or more intelligent. Neither will they improve your gut flora. We guarantee you true fruits – no tricks. No more nor less.

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What is a smoothie?

A smoothie is a whole fruit drink, which means pureed fruit. So that you can drink it we mix about 50% fruit pulp, that is whole pureed fruits (including the skin and pips) with about 50% fresh juice. We think that nothing unnatural belongs in a smoothie. So our smoothies are 100% fruit. Nothing else! We also have a vegetable smoothies (yes, it tastes good). Take a look here.

You pasteurise your smoothies. Doesn't nuke all the important vitamins and nutrients?

Yes our smoothies are lightly pasteurised to improve their shelf life. It is necessary to prevent germs, bacteria or other potentially dangerous organisms reproducing in the smoothies. We have developed a flash pastuerisation method to warm our smoothies, briefly and gently. They are then cooled in a cooling tunnel. This gentle pasteurisation and the fact that our fruits ripen on the tree/bush in their country or origin (and not as is usually the case with exotic fruits ripened during transportation using ripening gases) mean their nutrients and vitamins are largely retained. Of course some are lost during pasteurisation, but as our regular investigations show, not many. We have very recently been looking into vitamins, provitamins and their antioxidative capcity and examined all our smoothies.

Are true fruits smoothies vegan?

Yes. Our smoothies are 100% vegan. We only use ripe fruits and freshly squeezed juices that have not come into contact with animal products such as gelatine.*
And between us: chicken protein or pig gelatine to make freshly squeezed apple juice clear? Who comes up with such shit?
*The use of pig gelatine to make fruit juices clear is a common and approved practice in the industry. We don’t do that!

Why doesn't true fruits use returnable bottles?

Returnable bottles make neither environmental nor economic sense to us. We would have to appoint people to collect our designer glass bottles from supermarkets throughout Germany and get them cleaned. That would entail high CO2 emissions. With our current product volume it is more environmentally friendly to dispose of the bottles through the closed circuit of the waste glass containers. So you shouldn’t feel bad about putting the bottles in the glass recycling, because they are used to make new glass. According to our bottle manufacturer, the bottles are 100% reused. Our bottles comprise 45-50% recycled glass.

Are fruit smoothies better than homemade?

Homemade smoothies have a great advantage: your creativity is unlimited! Avocado, mango with pineapple and a touch of lemonsgrass or bacon, garlic croutons, cream sauce- you alone decide the mix and the flavour experience. But of course it depends what you can buy in the supermarket. We’ve got good connections in Asia and Latin America that supply us fruits you can’t find here, such as cupuaçu, acerola, goji, pink dragon fruit or guanábana. So with the same high quality true fruits give you: 100% fruit – no tricks – exotic and unusual fruits. And of course we take away the stress of having to buy, take home, wash, peel and blend your fruits then clear up the mess.

But yes, make them yourself if you want ;-)

Can I drink your smoothies when I'm pregnant?

Firstly congratulations! We’re parents, so let’s be straight: sleep as much as you can (or as much as existing kids will let you…). Sleep will be in short supply. But the good news is that you can enjoy our smoothies during pregnancy because they are gently pasteurised. And the gentle pasteurisation retains as many vitamins and nutrients as possible. That’s very evident if you look at the vitamin C content of true fruits orange smoothie 264mg: 330% the recommended daily amount.
And as ever with our smoothies: true fruits – no tricks. We don’t use any concentrates, added sugars, preservatives, added water, colourings or stabilisers. Good night.

Can I drink your smoothies when I'm pregnant?

Firstly congratulations! We’re parents, so let’s be straight: sleep as much as you can (or as much as existing kids will let you…). Sleep will be in short supply. But the good news is that you can enjoy our smoothies during pregnancy because they are gently pasteurised. And the gentle pasteurisation retains as many vitamins and nutrients as possible. That’s very evident if you look at the vitamin C content of true fruits orange smoothie 264mg: 330% the recommended daily amount.
And as ever with our smoothies: true fruits – no tricks. We don’t use any concentrates, added sugars, preservatives, added water, colourings or stabilisers. Good night.

Why are true fruits smoothies so expensive?

It’s relative:-). High quality is important to us and although many say that, we can demostrate it. So we use the best quality fruits which ripen properly on the tree or bush, not in the container during transportation, so they become sweet and rich in vitamins. We find bland industrial products boring, so we try to find exotic and unusual fruits for our smoothies, fruits such as goji berries, acerola cherries, pink dragon fruit, cupuaçu and guanábana that you don’t see in supermarkets. There’s more information in the fruit lexicon:
We also take care to ensure the way we process the fruits retains as many nutrients and vitamins as possible. The quality of our smoothies has been rated excellent by independent institutes (DLG, Ökotest) and we won the German prize for fruit drinks, which was awarded by the German minister for food, farming and consumer protection.
Our quality concerns don’t end with the contents, but include the packaging too. That’s why we put our smoothies into the best quality packaging material: glass. Unlike PET, glass is like a vault: it doesn’t take on of give any taste. It also protects the stability and quality of the product and is plain and simply beautiful. But that comes at a price. The true fruits bottle with its simple ceramic printing (instead of a paper label) is about five times more expensive to make than a PET bottle or tetra pack.

Why are the nutritional values of the sugar content and the carbohydrates not the same?

In many of our smoothies or fresh juices the carbohydrate content is different from the sugar content. That’s because many fruits have not only fruit sugar (fructose) but also some starch. Starch is a carbohydrate but doesn’t count as a sugar.
If you’ve finished reading this answer you’re either a food scientist or a geek. But don’t worry, we like both ;)

Where do the fruits you use come from?

Our smoothies are a real “meltingpot”, because the fruit come from all over the world. Our kesar mangoes come from India, cupuaçu and acerola are only available in South America, passion fruits come from Ecuador, while our apples come from various orchards in Germany (Baden-Württemberg) and the goji berries are almost entirely from China. Since many of our fruits come from far away, we make sure that they are pulped or pureed there, rather than (as is usually the case) harvested before they’re ripe and ripened in gas containers during transportation and are finally processed when they reach Germany. Because we let out fruits ripen fully on the tree or bush, they taste so much better.

Why are your fruite not organic?

Our fruits aren’t certified organic because organic doesn’t always mean better. Quality is alway our top priority and if the organic fruit or greens taste better, as does our organic spinach and kale, then we go for the organic produce.

Do you have smoothies without banana?

We love bananas & like pureeing them, but yes, we also have smoothies without any banana. Do you know our orange smoothie and our chia red? None of them are crooked in any way. 

Why does almost every true fruits smoothie contain banana?

We are often asked about banana, which is why this question has also found a place here in our questions and answers. There is banana in almost every smoothie, because it makes the smoothie sweet and smooth, so there’s no longer any need for added sugar at all. This is also a quality feature of good smoothies: They don't have any added sugar, concentrates, stabilisers or any other additives. They're just fruit, no more,no less. Banana helps the fruits bind together and not separate from each other so much. But we also have smoothies without banana: Our orange smoothie and our chia red are not crooked in any way.

How do you get orange peel skin?

Very quickly, if you're not careful: Take a look at Rewe, Edeka or here in our online shop

Where does your orange peel come from?

Our orange peel or the purée (we use only the aromatic peel; not the bitter white part) comes from juicy Spanish oranges. By the way, whilst creating the purée for our smoothie orange we got some extra assistance from confectionery manufacturers (citrus peels have been used successfully in confectionery for a very long time), because this type of purée simply didn't exist on the market yet. Our oranges are "treated", however we inspect all our ingredients regularly & the residues are far below the regulatory limits. This is important to us: after all, we love drinking our smoothie orange too. Cheers!

Throw away, reuse or upcycling – what should I do with my empty true fruits bottles?

If you put them in the recycling container, our bottles can be 100% recycled (and that’s what 83 % of Germans do)– but sometimes we think the empty bottles are too beautiful to throw away. So we spent time coming up with upcycling ideas (it has nothing to do with cycling uphill, rather it’s about making lovely new things from old things). And we’ve also got a whole upcycling gallery with brilliant ideas for reusing our bottles. How about…?
• Flower bottle tray
• Soap dispenser
• Bird feeder
• Lamps
We can also send you instructions for making them. Just drop us an email: So now you need another empty bottle…
We’ve also developed two stainless steel bottle tops which you can screw on your empty 250ml smoothie bottles. You can buy both of these at the true fruits shop ( So keep glass stayin’ alive: recycle!

Can you use true fruits bottles for preserving?

Of course!
But you need to remember a few things:

• Pre-warm the bottles before putting them into hot water so that the temperature difference is not too great.
• Fill the bottles as near to the top as possible (a vacuum will form easier)
• Only place the lid on, don’t tighten it (otherwise the lid might fly off)
• When you’ve finished the preseving, tighten the lid and then stand the bottle on its end for a few minutes to kill any bacteria in the top of the bottle.

Have fun preserving!

Where can I buy true fruits smoothies?

You can find our smoothies in well stocked groceries in Germany (eg. Rewe, Edeka, Tegut, Kaiser’s, etc), in some specialist shops (eg. Karstadt, Kaufhof) and at petrol stations (eg. Aral, Total). In Austria they are available at Meinl am Graben and in Switzerland at Globus and Jelmoli.
If you have any suggestions where you’d like our smoothies to be sold, contact us. We’ll try to make your wishes come true. It’s best to email us here:
Our storefinder lists all stockists. Click here!

I’m addicted. What next?

If you become addicted we recommend that you just keep drinking it. And if you need to call us for addiction support: 00800 55 88 55 22 – free of charge of course.

questions about green smoothiesupward

What’s a green smoothie?

In contrast with pure „fruit smoothies“, green smoothies are pureed greens. Our Green Smoothie no. 1 includes kale and spinach (it tastes better than you’d think). But the green smoothies aren’t a miracle elixir that’ll immediately make you slim, beautiful and rich.

Green smoothie recipe: Pia's favorite

3 cups organic spinach

2 cups organic rocket

20 leaves mint

¾ pineapple

1-2 glasses of water (depending on taste)

Optional: add wild herbs such as goutweed, dandelion or nettle (only 2-3 leaves)

Our top 5 – what should you remember when mixing a green smoothie?

1. You can vary the ratio of fruit to vegetables depending on your taste 85% fruit to 15% greens – the light version, 60% to 40% for a gentle kick or the hardcore blend: 50% /50%. The more fruit you mix with the greens, the sweeter your green smoothie.
2. First mix together the liquids (juice, coconut milk, nut milk) with the leafy greens. That way you avoid little green lumps. Then add the rest of the fruits or superfoods.
3. If you find your green smoothie too bitter, you can add sweeteners or sugar syrups, apple sauce, agave syrup or Stevia. And a banana will do it too!
4. Freeze some of your fruits. It’s a good way of saving ripe fruits (brown bananas, soft plums). It also works with leafy greens- simply put them in a freezer bag. When you’re making a smoothie you can simply add the frozen fruits with the liquid. So you’ll have a ice cold smoothie, which is both delicious and refreshing.
5. After blending, pour your green smoothie into an airtight glass bottle (eg. an empty true fruits bottle :-). You can keep your homemade smoothie in the fridge for about 2-3 days. But it’s best to drink it immediately.

Optional: add wild herbs such as goutweed, dandelion or nettle (only 2-3 leaves)

Green smoothie recipe: berry brothers

2 cups organic spinach
2 cups almond milk
1 cup strawberries
1 cup blueberries
1 banana
1/2 cup almonds

Green smoothie recipe: Keep it simple

2 cups organic kale

2 cups water

3 bananas

1/4 avocado

How do I make a green smoothie myself?

If you really want to go shopping for the fruit and veg, take them whole, clean and peel them, blend them then clean up... or you can’t find anywhere that sells true fruits Green Smoothie, then here’s a “How to make a Green Smoothie” guide:
1. Put two full cups of leafy greens into the blender (eg: salad, spinach, kale, cucumber, herbs)
2. Add two cups of water (or another natural liquid such as coconut milk, nut mik, juice or tea) and blend. Blend until there are no little green lumps. It can take a while.
3. Now add three cups of fruit of your choice. Blend until it is beautiful and smooth. Done!

What are superfoods?

The Oxford English Dictionary describes a “superfood” as a „nutrient rich food that are considered particularly beneficial to health and wellbeing“. Other sources describe a „superfood“ as an extremely nutrient rich food packed with vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Whatever! The imporant thing is that superfoods rock. What counts as a superfood? Read on…

What are the superfoods?

Lucuma, maca, matcha or moringa – they sound like Indian words, but they’re not. They are balls of power. They are so-called superfoods with an above-average nutrient content. One of our favourite superfoods is matcha. Not only because it is grown by Mr Okuda and Mr Miagi, who supplie us the best organic matcha in the whole of Japan, but also because matcha is unbelievably nutrient rich and contains countless healthy ingredients. So we’ve added a pinch of matcha to our Green Smoothie No. 1 – don’t overdo it as it doesn’t taste nice if you add more. 


What is „matcha?“

Matcha tea is a particularly fine type of tea that was brought to Japan by Buddhist monks about 800 years ago as a meditation tea. The organic matcha in our Green Smoothie comes from Japan – and the region of Uji – and is cultivated in tea gardens by Mr Oduka. The variety we use is called „chofuku“, which means „long fortune“. Matcha has an invigorating effect and harmonises the metabolism, because it contains natural antioxidants, vitamins and minerals as well as caffeine. You can read more about match in our fruit lexicon.

Why did you choose a green bottle?

Like all our products our Green Smoothie is in a plain glass bottle. But to make a visual distinction with our five „fruit smoothies“ (you remember: yellow, purple, orange, pink & white) we chose a splendid green glass.
We had long discussion about whether we should put our green smoothies in green glass. In the end there were two reasons why we did:
1. We wanted to make a clear visual distinction with our fruit smoothies because the green smoothies are a new category for us and we don’t want to confuse people. So we chose green glass rather than the usual clear.
2. Before buying, most customers choose with their eyes.
If the drink doesn’t look strong and bright it isn’t bought, never mind how much effort you put into explaining to the customer that if the juices settle or look cloudy or dull it’s a sign of naturalness. And if you make green smoothies yourself at home you’ll know that every one comes out bright green and they often separate. Obviously we think green smoothies are delicious, but we want people to be able to discuss them impartially and to be won over by the flavour, rather than the colour, so we put our smoothies in green glass. Sales would be much lower without the green glass because many customers don’t think the colour is bright and lovely enough. That would mean that shops would stop stocking it. That’s what we found in the past. So the question was: no green smoothies or green smoothies in green bottles? And we chose latter.

Why is chlorophyl in the Green Smoothies?

If you want to make a green smoothie yourself, you should know that chlorophyl (the plant green that everyone talks about) is only broken down if your blender motor does 30,000 rotations a minute. For that you have to spend a lot on a blender. Chlorophyl is extremely beneficial to the formation of new blood cells. It promotes the detoxification of carcinogenic substances and the regeneration of radiation induced damage. Chlorophyl also helps wounds to heal, prevents constipations and is deodorising, preventing body odour and bad breath. So you’ve learnt something new!

Why have you packed so many fruits into the green smoothie?

Have you ever drunk a green smoothie with 50% greens and 50% fruit that has tasted good? If yes, then respect! If no: we understand. That’s why we add a good portion of fruits to our green smoothies, as a kind of „green smoothie light version”, for everyone who wants to try one without doing the chopping themselves and to drink a green smoothie that tastes good.

Where’s the green smoothie trend come from?

Green smoothies are said to have been invented by the Russian Victoria Boutenko. Victoria’s family suffered from various chronic diseases and were constantly ill, so she changed to an entirely vegan, raw food diet. She learnt about the significance of leafy greens when she was studying the eating habits of our closest relatives, chimanzees, whose diet comprises over a third green leaves. In 1990 Victoria emigrated with her husband and two children to the USA, where they have turned the amazing green drinks into a trend, largely through blogs and the media, and triggered a real boom. Now it’s not only Hollywood stars like Gwyneth Paltrow, Colin Farell, Jennifer Garner and Alessandra Ambrosio who swear by the green power drink.

What do true fruits’ green smoothies taste of?

Our green smoothies contain a fine mix of fruit and greens. Of course the greens give a lightly bitter, grassy note. But the fruits balance the flavour. And we think it’s rather delicious!

questions about our creamiesupward

What are creamies?

The clue is in the name! Creamies aren’t just made of fruit, they also have a ‘white’ base. In our case this is made of puréed coconut and cashew. The white base is characterised by its smooth, thick consistency, which makes creamies considerably creamier than pure fruit smoothies. true fruits creamies are a completely new product category in Germany.

What do creamies taste like?

We describe them as a ‘creamy coconut-cashew-strawberry-vanilla-’ or ‘creamy coconut-cashew-key lime-Matcha-velvety-dream”. A slightly more objective assessment might describe creamies as the crème de la crème, not just in terms of flavour, but also consistency. The coconut and cashew make creamies nice and creamy in a way that literally melts in the mouth. #summersmoothievibes

My creamie is really thick. Is it meant to be like that?

The high proportion of puréed coconut and cashew make our creamies thicker than our fruit or green smoothies. This creaminess is intentional and a feature of creamies. We only use natural ingredients and strictly avoid stabilisers, colourants and other unnatural rubbish. As a result, the coconut purée can settle up in the bottleneck (in the same way it does in the coconut milk you use for Thai curry). This makes it all the more important to give our creamies a good shake before taking the first sip. But this certainly isn’t a bad thing, it’s an unmistakable sign that it only contains natural ingredients – nothing more and nothing less!

Why are creamies in a white bottle?

We decided on a white bottle to make our creamies stand out against our smoothies.

What is the difference between your creamies and your fruit or green smoothies?

It’s all down to the base: our creamies have a coconut and cashew base, which is why they are so creamy. Our green smoothies are made of puréed greens and fruit, our fruit smoothies are 100% puréed fruit.


Are true fruits creamies vegan?

As with all our smoothies, our creamies are also vegan and consist solely and exclusively of 100% natural ingredients – nothing more and nothing less!

But coconut isn’t a nut, is it?

Embrace the nut: you’re absolutely right. Although the coconut contains 'nut' in its name, it’s not a “real” nut, but is in fact a stone fruit (just like the cherry, for example).

How do I crack open a coconut without injuring myself?

Well, it’s certainly not easy. Using a hammer and screwdriver or a machete are two options, but we use a coconut opener (yes, such a thing does exist). Or take a leaf from this guy's book and do it using just one finger:

Salted or roasted – what kind of cashew kernels do you use?

Neither – we use puréed cashew from hand-picked and air-dried cashew kernels. Letting them air-dry gives our little kernels an extra intensive flavour. Our cashews come from Vietnam.

questions about smoothie bowlsupward

What is a Smoothie Bowl?

A Smoothie Bowl is a thick fruity mix with a crunchy topping to eat with a spoon. Our Smoothie Bowls contain a mix of superfoods such as acai or mulberries, proteins in the form of coconut flakes or almonds, good fats from flaxseed or coconut and of course vitamins from fruits like passion fruit or raspberries. Like all true fruits products, the Smoothie Bowls contain only natural ingredients and no artificial crap.

How is it different from ‘normal’ smoothies?

The biggest difference from normal smoothies is that you don’t drink Smoothie Bowls. You use a spoon to eat them. The texture is spoonable due to ingredients like coconut and linseed. But a Smoothie Bowl also has a topping. Our toppings contain cocoa nibs or toasted almonds. On top of the thick base, the topping creates the typical creamy/crunchy Smoothie Bowl experience. Our Bowls share their name with smoothies but they taste very different.

What’s in true fruits Smoothie Bowls?

With 8 ingredients the Smoothie Bowl purple is the record holder at true fruits, beating all the smoothies. Our Smoothie Bowl yellow is a real pioneer, because it’s the first food in the world with crunchy passionfruit pips. [I don’t understand how this claim can be true] Read more here.

What is a topping?

That’s the crunchy topping in the lid.

Where can I buy true fruits Bowls?

In Germany you can buy our Smoothie Bowls in well-stocked food shops (eg. Rewe, Edeka), shops (eg. Karstadt, Kaufhof) or petrol stations  (eg. Aral, Total). In Austria you’ll find them at Meinl am Graben in Vienna and in Switzerland at Globus and Jelmoli. You’ll find our Smoothie Bowls in the chiller beside our Smoothies. Or you can order them from our online shop and have them delivered straight to your door.

How long can I keep Bowls after opening? How long does the topping keep for?

You don’t have to eat our Smoothie Bowls in one go. You can enjoy them over 2-3 days. Our Smoothie Bowls are a truly natural product. You’ll immediately know if the Bowl is still good. We don’t use any unnatural rubbish like colours, stabilisers etc. If you keep our topping in a dry, cool place you can eat it a year after purchase.

What is 'acai'?

‘Asai’ or ‘acai’- we’re still not sure how to pronounce its South American name. It’s the fruit of a palm that mostly grows in Brazil. Acai is considered a ‘wonder berry’ as it is so rich in antioxidants. Find out more about it here. But there’s no consensus on its flavour. Some people say it has an earthy sweet flavour like beetroot. Which might not sound so tempting. We think it tastes nutty and chocolatey, or like chocolate with a wild berry aroma. Anyway, it’s delicious.

Can you really eat hibiscus blossom and passion fruit pips?

Careful! You need only one spoonful of Smoothie Bowl with hibiscus blossom and passion fruit pips for the flavour to release its fatal effects. Within minutes you might break out in a sweat, shivering and palpitating until your brain works out why our Smoothie Bowl is so damn tasty.

Why don’t you provide a spoon with the Smoothie Bowl?

We’re not a spoon manufacturer and can’t think about your spoon too. We make your Smoothie Bowl. You just have to find a spoon. Ok?
If you want to know what’s the best spoon for the Smoothie Bowl, click here.

Why do you use plastic for the lid?

Are you disappointed that our topping is in a plastic lid? So are we. Find out more about it here

Are you planning tops for the bowls?

Yes, we’re working on it. You should be able to buy the first glass top for the Bowls in our online shop in late summer. 

Are true fruits Bowls better than homemade ones?

Homemade Smoothie Bowls are great because you can just put everything in, raspberries, spinach or cocoa. There’s no limit to your creativity. Your homemade smoothie bowl might be more Instagrammable, but when you’re getting up early and you have to make your own smoothie bowl and you’re feeling too stressed to make balls out of your dragon fruit.... leave it to us! Our Smoothie Bowl is ready to eat. And it’s 100% natural ingredients, exotic, unusual fruits in the great quality you expect from us. So we do all the stressful bits: buying the fruits, taking them home, washing, peeling, cutting them, blending them, arranging it in your bowl and washing up again. But they’re both delicious.

questions about Upcyclingupward

I have another question about upcycling and would like to contact you.

You can call us on 0228 – 38 73 330 or email us at

What's the difference between upcycling & recycling?

Recycling is about processing waste so that it can be used for the original purpose or for other purposes. Upcycling is about adding value to the original product for a totally new purpose that is very different from the use of the actual product. For example, turning an old smoothie bottle into a pretty salt shaker.

Why are your bottle adapters so expensive?

Cost is relative. Our bottle adapters have been specially designed for our bottles. We chose stainless steel as we wanted to guarantee that the adapter would have a long life.

At first we didn’t know how our adapters would go down with customers, so in the beginning we only produced a small amount. Producing 2000 adapters is more expensive per item than producing 50,000 (the phenomenon of scale effect). The same applies to our beautiful packaging, which is 100% recyclable. We pay for delivery of the sets within Germany. For delivery to Austria we charge 3.90€ and the price for international delivery is considerably higher.

Labour costs, salaries, sample costs etc over a 3 year development period (yes really, 3 years!) are not reflected in the final pricing. 

Can your adapters go in the dishwasher?

We recommend that you wash them by hand. Remove all the silicone parts, use a drop of washing up liquid and hot water.

Are the adapters leak proof?

It depends which adapter you chose. For carrying your Streuer or Gießer you should use the smoothie lid or a permanent cap. These have got adapter specific openings that can’t be sealed. 

What does "magnetisable" mean?

Our permanent caps react to magnets (which is uncommon for stainless steel). That means that they are great for hanging bottles on a magnetic strip after use, as an alternative to a spice rack. 

My adapter isn’t what I’d expected. What should I do?

That’s a shame. We are interested in how we can further improve our adapters, what precisely you don’t like or maybe find silly. You can get a return form by emailing As soon as we receive the item, we will reimburse the amount paid. 

What’s the point of permanent caps? Aren’t the normal caps enough?

The tin caps that seal our smoothies can start to rust and change shape if reused several times and so they no longer form a tight seal. That’s why we developed the permanent stainless steel caps that don’t rust, are magnetisable and look really cool (we think so).

How can you use true fruits bottles if you don’t want to buy a bottle adapter?

Even if you’re using the tin cap that is sold with the bottle you can use the bottle to take soup to work, as a vase, to store muesli, as a rolling pin or, with a little work, as a table lamp. Here's a fabulous example. You’ll find more upcycling ideas here.

My pourer drips. What am I doing wrong?

The pourer was produced in 2014 for drip-free pouring. Before use please make sure that the silicone inner parts are fitted in the pourer correctly (as described in the instructions). Already thrown away the instructions? The internet knows everything:  push the little  Schnäbelchen (spout ?) from inside through the opening and press the rest of the silicone part into the ‘corners’. You’ll hear a little click when the silicone part is correctly fitted. If the pourer still drips, please email us at

When using the adapter glass splinters off the screw top. Is my adapter faulty?

Please be careful that the cap or adapter is fitted onto the bottle correctly! If it gets wedged the poor fitting can cause the stainless steel locking points in the permanent cap to damage the glass, causing little glass splinters. All our adapters are stainless steel and not as flexible as the tin caps.

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How long will it take you to send my order?

The delivery time depends on the payment method you chose for your purchase. Orders placed before 1pm and paid for using Paypal are dispatched the same day and will usually arrive the next working day. If you’ve chosen prepayment, we will prepare your dispatch as soon as your money enters our account. It can take 2-3 working days for the transfer to reach our account.

My package has not arrived. What now?

As soon as your package is dispatched you’ll receive an email confirming dispatch with a link to track your package. If this doesn’t help, contact us and we’ll check what has happened to your package. Email us at or call us at 0228 – 38 73 330.

Can my order be delivered to a Packstation?

Yes, it’s possible to have it delivered to a Packstation, provided you put your personal post number when you give your delivery address. Please use the box provided when completing your order. We (and your friendly postman) will appreciate it.