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smoothie bowl yellow 252 g

true fruits smoothie bowl with coconut & passion fruit + topping

We give you the gift of more of your valuable time: from now on, you no longer need to prepare your own elaborate smoothie bowl. We do the bowl-job for you. The only thing you need to do? Bring a spoon. #truefruitssmoothiebowl

No more beating around the bush...

…because it isn't necessary. Our smoothie bowl only contains pure fruit & no artificial nonsense. Here is our smoothie bowl recipe for you: coconut, banana, mango & passion fruit + a topping. What makes it special? The bowl contains whole passion fruit seeds - yes, it sounds strange, but it's awesome. Together with the coconut chip & cacao nib topping, your mouth gets a proper crunch experience.

What-the-fruit is a smoothie bowl?

Our smoothie bowls are neither a side dish, nor baby food - they are simply a mix of the best fruit purées with a crunchy topping that you eat with a spoon. Save yourself the time-consuming process of making it yourself, because our smoothie bowls are available at the supermarket, ready to eat with a spoon. Get it?


Nutrient per100 ml

Calorific value kJ (kcal) 714 (172)
Protein 2,1 g
Carbohydrates 9,5 g
of which sugars 9,2 g
Fat 13 g
of which saturated fatty acids  11 g
Fibre 2,6 g
Salt 0,1 g

F**k plastic!

Are you disappointed that our topping is in a plastic lid? So are we. Here you find more information.

What's inside

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What's inside 250ml

4/5 pureed coconut
1/3 pureed banana
1/5 pureed mango
1 1/2 spooned passion fruits
2 teaspoons of coconutchips
1 teaspoon of cocoanibs


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